Chloe - DBA

When I started at Play I was fresh out of university and had little knowledge about Oracle databases. Once I started at Play it felt almost like university continued as I have learnt constantly from a friendly team of people, and after winning a Rock Band competition with some guys in the team in my first 6 months here I knew I was going to feel at home. There is always something new going on in the IT Services department and it is a small and relaxed team meaning everyone pitches in and you get the chance to work with a wide range of tools.

Family and friends have started to say that I’ve been here long enough and I should move around and work at lots of different companies, but while I am still learning such valuable skills in such a range of areas with people I enjoy working with I just don’t see the need, besides, where else would I find a book club with free books and weekly, in office, Pilates classes?

I started working on the development systems, but I now help support our live database systems - being on call for the first time was pretty scary, but the team supported me through it and there’s nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of having fixed an issue quickly and smoothly!

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