Working at

Play Reception Image is a dynamic, fast-paced and commercially focussed business. We need people who are passionate about what they do and have the energy and vision to deliver ambitious growth. We cultivate an environment of empowerment, innovation and creativity with a focus on continuous improvement. Here you'll find people are friendly and work together to deliver for the team - which most importantly includes our customers.

So the question is how do we do this?

Well it's all in the values - Get Things Done, Complete Professionalism, Hypothesize-Execute-Verify-Incorporate, Customer Satisfaction Maximization, Speed!! Speed!! Speed!!

Get Things Done is about absolute commitment to achieving a goal, focussing on results as well as how they are achieved, being self critical, seeking feedback on work and making improvements.

Complete Professionalism is ensuring you set ambitious goals, have high standards and work towards them, always generating and encouraging the development of new ideas, being motivated by challenges.

Hypothesize-Execute-Verify-Incorporate is about evaluating, creating and regularly updating plans, collecting and analysing data to reach conclusions and incorporating and reassessing targets/data to ensure that the practice is effective.

Customer Satisfaction Maximization is centred on providing an excellent service to internal and external customers, taking into account customer satisfaction when making decisions and delivering improvements to the service. You'll also respect your team-mates and ensure you work for the good of the team, department and company.

Speed!! Speed!! Speed!! is all about preparing well, executing fast and accurate results, ensuring you set and meet deadlines and making effective decisions quickly.

In return for all of this, 'play people' enjoy various events and incentives, such as special celebrity guests in the office, top of the chart acts at the Christmas parties, free cinema screenings, free Ice creams on those hot summer days, the opportunity to support the companies nominated charity (see the tough Three Peaks Challenge photos in the gallery), sneak previews of the latest game releases organised through some of the biggest publishers on the high street, onsite technology events and much much more!

Things to think about...

So if all of this appeals to you, have a think about the following things before submitting your application:

  • Do I meet what is required for the role?
  • Do I enjoy working in a fast paced, challenging environment?
  • Do I set ambitious goals and enjoy working as part of a team?
  • Can I be analytical, get things done and provide the highest quality service?
  • Do I have a passion for online retail and my profession?
  • Have I had a good look on the website and completed some research into
  • Am I prepared to answer questions on the company or the role, and have I anticipated questions that I might get asked at interview?
  • Have I got questions to ask at interview that show I really have thought about the role?

If you can answer yes to the above questions, we'd love to hear from you.